Henry Asencio

“Abstract Expressionism” or “Abstract Realism”? Asencio’s work cannot be pigeonholed by style or semantics. His open brushwork, sweeping color, use of texture and precise drawing skills have resulted in a body of work that has earned him international accolades.

In 1996, Asencio was sponsored by art supply company, Thayer and Chandler, which resulted in exposure in exhibitions as far as Germany and Paris. In 1998, Asencio’s work was recognized in an art competition in Amsterdam, where he earned the prestige of being a first-time artist dually awarded with gold and silver medals in two separate divisions: self-portraiture in oils and work in acrylic medium. Excellent in his chosen discipline, Asencio graduated with honors from the San Francisco Art Academy in 1999. He was even a chosen finalist in The Artist’s Magazine competition that same year, again for his work in portraiture.

Three Reasons to Collect Henry Asencio:

1. One of the great figurative artists of his time

2. Graduated with honors from the San Francisco Art Academy

3. Numerous shows and awards