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Three Reasons to Collect Jordan Fretz:

1. Prolific in several media. Most artists choose one medium and stick with it. Jordan has become efficient in three vastly different mediums.

2.) Uniqueness in application. Jordan uses ink wash and also metallic inks in his art. The metallic ink gives a glossy finish that creates bright bold colors.

3.) Talented draftsman. Jordan has a technical eye that gives his art a realism that most artist have difficulty with.

Jordan Fretz

Artist Statement:
”If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit” -Banksy

Artist Bio:
I can’t recall the last time I was bored. I’m always creating something or thinking through the next thing to create (for better or for worse).

Every day, I get to wake up and do what I’m passionate about. Finding an idea and working it over and over until it becomes something truly great is probably my favorite thing to do. For me, that process typically involves a computer screen, keyboard and a Wacom tablet. 

Not long ago I found myself all too comfortable with the typical tools I used. In a time where “we need this yesterday” and “this isn’t the ideal solution, but we have an aggressive timeline” are said daily; sometimes the creative process turns into an exhausting rush. 

My artwork is in great contrast to that. I take my time to paint and draw while experimenting with various mediums or subjects and it’s a welcomed change of pace. Art truly is restful for me.

I love contrasting a very detailed style in ink wash, which works much like watercolor with very little room for error or covering mistakes, and oil painting where I use a more impressionistic style to suggest detail. Since art is relaxing for me, I never wanted to have a long list of commissions on subject matter that doesn’t interest me. That would take away from the spontaneous spark that comes with jumping into a cardboard dumpster for the right size piece or buying antique player piano scrolls to paint on with metallic inks. While some create art for others, I create art in an effort to develop personally, use my skills to the best of my ability and glorify Jesus. I’m just happy some people seem to enjoy it. 

To see more of my process and see some ongoing work @jordanfretzart on Instagram.