MArC Chagall

Marc Chagall’s masterful, evocative works are characterized by their poetic, mystical qualities, their expressionist perspective, and their use of bold, vivid color. Chagall’s style has been associated with the art movements of surrealism, fauvism, and cubism but instead of fitting neatly into one category, Chagall created a style uniquely his own.

Chagall was born as Moyshe Segal in Vitebsk, Russia, on July 7, 1887, the eldest of nine boys. The members of the Chagall family were devout Hassidic Jews; Chagall’s faith would greatly inspire his art in the future and themes of Jewish symbolism were frequently featured in his works. The experience of growing up in a close-knit family, impoverished but happy, would also influence his artwork.

Three Reasons to Collect Marc Chagall:

1. 20th Century Master Artist

2. Consistent sales in major NY auction houses

3. Easily-tracked provenance